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Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by developing required applicable technology in sync with trends compatible to everyday changing markets in order to promote, standardize and develop customers' business portfolios as per their needs. The services we provide our clients are always result oriented & primed to perform successfully in highly competitive markets.

Cloud Hosting

Our Cloud Hosting platform "Hamro Cloud" is load balancing and autoscaling. Instead of relying on just one or two servers, each website you host accesses a whole platform’s resources with automatic .. [+]

Web Design & Development

The Website is a virtual layout of an entity which represents or expresses the strength, reputation, & offerings of a unit. In today's world of the latest communication systems, business ..[+]

Mobile Application Development

It is crystal clear that the demand of mobile apps has escalated in all businesses. To cope with that, we become your accelerator to design and develop brilliant mobile applications..[+]

eCommerce Solution

Currently, Information Technology has been able to lure thousands of internet users that are multiplying by the minute today and its impact could be seen in the media through the TV, radio, mobile, & the cyber ..[+]

Web Application Development

Helping enterprise businesses develop robust, secure and scalable applications. With the advent of new technologies, web applications are constantly gaining popularity over desktop applications ..[+]

Internet Radio Solution

Our SHOUTcast & Icecast Hosting plans allow you to deliver live radio stream to global listeners from any computer on internet. We provide fully featured SHOUTcast..[+]

Video Streaming

At i-Tech Nepal we are committed to providing you with affordable Online TV Streaming Solution Packages to enable your organization or brand on the World Wide Web. Our Online TV below we ..[+]

Search Engine Optimization

Creating viewer friendly websites to search engines for more efficiently managed communication of your content to the search engines, gives more search options to interested ..[+]

Website Redesign

As the environment of the businesses and its technicalities change over a period of time, business strategies, business practices, business infrastructures & business roadmaps etc also tends to change ..[+]

Website Maintenance

As doing the work or any other given tasks it is obvious that different difficulties will arrive due to various technical glitches because it's the nature of the fluctuating world and its limitations in a global market ..[+]

Domain Registration

It can be a company's registered name or your personal registered name in the practical world of fast moving business. Once you have registered your domain name, others throughout the world cannot..[+]

IT Consulting

We will work with you to explore ideas, opportunities and look ways to make you more successful online. We'll never talk you into spending money on gimmicks or flashy design trends, just for the sake of it...[+]

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