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i-Tech Nepal is a top provider of professional Web Development, Web Hosting, Dedicated Server, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Internet Radio Solution and Many More... We have over 7 years of experience in the technical solution field with a long list of satisfied customers.

i-Tech Nepal is a complete hi-tech communication company that is purely service oriented and geared to provide unique selling propositions to its valued clients. The company designs, innovates, integrates and maintains websites that enhances enterprises to work out multifaceted and critical business problems. We have gone through great pains to select & train an experienced technical taskforce to cope with a huge marketing network team that are capable in promoting online and offline promotional components in any part of the country besides providing offshore services.

Tantamount to this, we are also convinced of the fact that IT solutions go a long way in making business tasks easier to execute through an organized process. Retroactively, we are more focused on the application part of the technology & its overall effectiveness then that of the development process only. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by developing required applicable technology in sync with trends compatible to everyday changing markets in order to promote, standardize and develop customers' business portfolios as per their needs. The services we provide our clients are always result oriented & primed to perform successfully in highly competitive markets.

Our Mission & Objectives

The rationale behind the establishment of our company is to provide swift & timely responses, informed expertise, and consistently high quality IT solutions to our valued clients. Thus, the imperative objectives & major mission of the company is to provide fast and reliable technical assistance to local business/offices and other commercial entrepreneurs as well as to partners with offshore companies.

Resolutely, our Mission & Objectives are determined by the following factors:

  1. To determine the exact technological needs of the customer and its practical applicability.
  2. To integrate different types of technological solutions in order to make the customers business operations simple and easy to conduct with effectiveness.
  3. To develop useful and simple technology in order to convey meaningful & purposeful communication with precision & effect.
  4. To develop up to date technology that transmits the right information at the right time & in the right place among an extensive range of different users.
  5. To design pioneering technology and information so that it can craft a difference in the application of the technology required.

Performance at the individual level:

Individuals have the freedom to focus on adding value towards our valued customers, rather than being constantly distracted and lay a great deal of emphasis on performance that enhances the good standing of the company.

Our Philosophy & Vision

Our fundamental philosophy is a learning process where we create technological advancement in order to make every course of life easy and simple. Every business may vary from product to market & from price to place, but the outcomes that drive business success remain the same: creating loyal and profitable customer relationships, inventing and enhancing products or services, managing a business in the most efficient way possible, and building high-value connections with partners and suppliers. But & however, it's not the businesses that do these things. Businesses don't find customers, streamline operations, close deals, or invent products. People do, and that is why we consider ourselves to be a "PEOPLE ORIENTED BUSINESS". We are a 'people-ready business' where we believe and value people as the most important asset.

In our organization, people, more than processes, systems, machines, location, or outside consultants, are the ultimate drivers of business success. Our business invests in, and creates a culture around a shared value system-an organizational infrastructure that empowers and enables its people to drive the business forward. Our people are rendered all support & resources to vitally act intuitively, respond decisively, and invent brilliantly. We make our people realize their potential, and hence, the organization realizes it's potential. That realization is what separates what we call a "people-ready" business from an ordinary one.

Why are we a 'People Ready' Business?

We possess all relevant information to make an intelligent, informed decision whether it is the market, product or our competitors through our continuous market research activities, upgrade trainings and excellent client relationship. We thrive and work with groups associated with us and exchange ideas as though you were all in the same room with information and communication flowing from all ends and we work on a continuous feedback mechanism that helps us determine various market segments. All our people are customer oriented and understand the value of customers spending on our products and services and we help them buy and make decisions and don't sell just for the sake of selling. Our effort does not stand still here. We conduct and schedule customer satisfaction surveys. We are equipped with problem solving people and create loyalty and satisfaction with instant answers and up-to-the-minute information. Our field support staffs are efficient and effective on the road as well and its not that we are good in the office and that is exactly what differentiates us from others. Our organization has all the answers to the above because we use a full fledged CRM system and our technological alliances are with renowned partners in the global market. We have invested heavily in our core infrastructure and are located in the central hub of the capital. We are a people-ready business and firmly believe it to be our "destination workplace." And that is why the most talented potential and businesses seek opportunities to work and associate with us.

Our organization maximizes the satisfaction levels of all its constituents. Customers, employees, and the critical partners and vendors on whom its success depends are all satisfied. Since we do not neglect one constituent from other, hence we are a balanced organization. We temper our management's "force." Our organization balances management oversight and control, teamwork, and the constant improvement and innovation that come from empowered employees who live their lives on the front lines of the company. We mark speed and flexibility. We at this organization are always concerned with removing barriers to success as it is to driving success and hence thrive on our agility and adaptability in a business environment where there is constant change.

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