eCommerce Solution

Currently, Information Technology has been able to lure thousands of internet users that are multiplying by the minute today and its impact could be seen in the media through the TV, radio, mobile, & the cyber etc. Despite its influence, technological advancement in the business environment & the whole spectrum of the economy has changed business procedures and its implications. e.g. online banking, online ticket reservation and purchasing, online education, online trading, etc is flourishing by the hour. This indicates that the internet has become one of the fastest, easiest, boundless and cheapest mediums of communication that can have ever been perceived in today's business world.

i-Tech Nepal has designed e-Commerce (electronic commerce) solution services to buy & sell goods and services, exchanging goods and services on the Internet or through the internet from any part of the world. It has enhanced the best business practices in B2B, B2C and C2C businesses & has also made it easier for customers to communicate with each other throughout the world. Payment mode, product delivery mode, time period of the product delivered, system integration will be predetermined. The risk of fraud traders are less because without integrating payment modes, delivery mode and other technicalities; e-commerce business doesn't work out. It is designed to be a 24 hour online service system and is highly secured by a sophisticated encrypted system. Database system is integrated with it so that all the received and delivered information will be recorded into an organized process that makes conducting business transactions convenient for customers.

At i-Tech Nepal we are committed to providing you with affordable ecommerce solution Package to enable your organization or brand on the World Wide Web.

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