Our FM Radio Clients

We nurture every client relationship with commitment, passion and integrity, which is the reason why most of our clients have been with us through the decade of our existence.
Radio Laligurans 105.2 MHz http://www.radiolaligurans.com.np
Radio Makalu 92.2 MHz http://www.radiomakalu.org.np
Community Radio Dhankuta FM 106.2 MHz http://www.radiodhankuta.org.np
Rupakot Samudayik Radio 96.6 MHz http://www.rupakotradio.org.np
Community Radio Dhrubatara 89.8 MHz http://www.radiodhrubatara.com
Radio Shivashakti 98.3 Mhz http://www.radioshivshakti.org.np
Choice FM 90.4 MHz http://www.choicefm.org
Gorkha FM 92.8 MHz http://www.radiogorkha.org
Community Radio Harmi 105.4 MHz http://www.siranchokonline.com
Radio Manasalu 103.9 MHz http://www.mfm.org.np
Community Radio Puspanjali 97.4 MHz http://www.radiopuspanjali.com.np
Radio Resunga 106.2 MHz http://www.radioresunga.com.np
Radio Sky FM 90.4 MHz http://www.skyfm.org.np
Radio Didibahini 95.2 MHz http://www.radiodidibahini.org
Radio Saligram 100.6 MHz http://www.radiosaligram.com.np
Ahimsabadi Radio Parbat 103.6 MHz www.ahimsabadiradio.org
Indreni FM 92.4 MHz (Pal Pal Ko Sathi) http://www.indrenifm.com.np
Radio Hamro Pahunch 89.0 MHz http://www.hamropahunch.org.np
Radio Jharana FM 88 MHz http://www.jharanafm.com
Radio Madhyapaschim 91.4 MHz http://www.radiomp.org
Radio Prakriti 93.4 MHz http://www.radioprakriti.com
Radio Naya Yug 107.3 MHz http://www.radionayayug.org.np
Radio Sanjibani 91 MHz http://www.sanjibanifm.com.np
Radio Sanobheri FM 100.8 MHz http://www.radiosanobheri.com
Radio Sisne FM 93.2 MHz http://www.radiosisne.com.np
Radio Uttarganga 102 MHz http://www.radiouttarganga.org.np
Radio Gemi Tribeni 94.3 MHz www.gemitribenifm.org.np
Malika FM 97.4 MHz http://www.malikafm.org.np
Radio Naya Karnali 102.8 MHz http://www.rnkfm.com.np
Radio Nepali Aawaj FM 101.8 MHz http://www.radionepaliaawaj.org.np
Radio Pradesh Aawaj 94 MHz http://www.radiopradeshaawaj.org.np
Dhurbatara Samudayik FM 89.8 MHz http://www.dtfm.org
Saileshwori FM 105.9 MHz http://www.sfm.org.np

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