Search Engine Optimization

Creating viewer friendly websites to search engines for more efficiently managed communication of your content to the search engines, gives more search options to interested visitors on the net. Optimizing your web site enables it to rank higher on major search engines & also gives the website better slot leverage for viewing. Search engines tend to rank web sites based on a few major factors: link popularity (the number of quality incoming links to your website), and unique content that contains significant keywords. Running parallel to this, another critical factor that determines your ranking with search engines is the architecture & organized layout of the site, the visibility of your content, its underlying code and how natural your site appears to the search engines.

Content on the website requires the highest standards of English Language that influence potential visitors to the site & also enhances the brand image & status of the site. Well written content ensures top slots on highly reputed search engines & these results in more mileage for the promotion of your services & products. i-Tech Nepal provides realistic content of the highest standards that govern the international norms of British English recognized throughout the world.

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